- A simple way to build complex narratives.

Part I — Modeling the concept

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2 choices turns into 16 endings before long…
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My roommate and I tried to write one manually…
- belongs_to :project
- belongs_to :text
- has_many :choices
- belongs_to :project
- belongs_to :prompt
- has_one :text
- belongs_to: project 
- belongs_to :choice
- has_one :prompt
ex: You're riding the subway home on a stormy day. You work the night shift, so you're alone most of the way. 
When you get off, the old public phone on the wall begins to ring. You hesitate for a moment, then pick it up.
A raspy voice tells you that you have 2 hours to live! :(
ex: What do you do?
ex: Choice 1: Hang up the phone and walk away.

Choice 2: Demand who's calling.

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